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How to Use SlideShare for Marketing

Most companies and marketers are very focused on using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We think that there is one platform, which is often forgotten, which deserves more attention. That platform is SlideShare.

If you’re unaware of what SlideShare is, it is a place for you to upload and share slide decks. While creating and sharing slide decks may initially sound boring, it’s actually a surprisingly informative and fun experience. The fact that slide decks may sound dull, could be why marketers aren’t yet embracing this platform.

The lack of use of SlideDeck by mainstream marketing professionals is potentially a huge advantage for the early-adopting and untraditional marketer. In fact, we think that if you become an avid and active SlideShare user, this often-overlooked platform can become one of your biggest weapons in the content marketing game.

To help convince you that SlideShare is a very powerful content marketing tool, we are going to talk about how to use SlideShare for marketing in this post.

Read below to learn 5 great methods on how to use SlideShare for marketing:

1. Well-designed slides attract an audience

High-quality presentations on SlideShare help you attract and build a following. When people see a great looking slide deck, they’re likely to view, share, and download your presentation.

A well-designed presentation helps you tap into the massive SlideShare audience. The audience is 60 million unique visitors per month, who generate over 215 million page views! It’s a big audience, of often highly motivated individuals, that you’ll be able to reach and engage with to grow your business.

2. How to slide decks work very well

To help inspire you to start creating slide decks for SlideShare, we want to suggest a type of slide deck that typically does very well; how to decks.

How to slide decks not only perform well, but they help you find potential customers at a time when they are looking for a solution for a problem they’re facing at that very moment. It’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your company to your target audience in a meaningful way to grow your company.

Slide decks like these typically do very well, and often have hundreds of views within hours.

3. Use your slides to position yourself as an industry leader

SlideShare decks can often be positioned in a similar fashion as white papers, allowing you to give summaries on topics related to your industry. When you make presentations that matter to your target audience easily accessible, in your industry, you have an opportunity not just to connect with the people that matter most to your business, but also to earn their trust. You will earn the trust of these people by showing off your expertise, which makes you look like an industry leader.

4. Take advantage of keywords to get found by more prospective customers

This method for how to use SlideShare for marketing is an obvious tactic, but often forgotten one. When you create a SlideDeck presentation, you should be using keywords in a calculated way. This means not just having your target keyword in your headline, tag, and description, but also in your actual slides.

When you use your keyword frequently (but in a subtle way) more people will stumble on your decks while looking for information on the topic that you are covering.

5. SlideShare enhances your LinkedIn presence

One of the biggest advantages of using SlideShare for marketing comes in the form of enhancing the presence of your company LinkedIn page. Whenever you post a presentation, you should be posting it as a status update on your company page and/or your personal page. And it’s a strong LinkedIn lead generation tool you can use.

When you post your SlideShare to LinkedIn, you give the people interested in your company an easy way to interact with your brand on LinkedIn. Both LinkedIn and SlideShare work together perfectly (since LinkedIn acquired SlideShare), which means people can view your slides without ever leaving LinkedIn.

Get Started

The only way for you to decide if SlideShare is a good option for your business is to go try it out. This means making a presentation, sharing it with your audience, and then seeing what happens. If your first presentation isn’t a massive success, we suggest creating a few to see if you can begin to build up an audience on SlideShare. If you’re consistently creating high slide decks and sharing them, there is no reason why you won’t find success using SlideShare for marketing.