2021 July – Product Update 2

Lead Ownership

We added the Lead ownership concept in LeadBoxer a few years ago, but it somehow got snowed under by new features and other cool stuff. So last month we decided it was time to revamp the concept and make it part of our core feature set again.

What has changed

Lead Ownership is now saved as a value in the Lead Properties, meaning that:

  • Lead Ownership can now also be used in the filters; using an easy select drop-down of your users.
  • Lead Ownership is visible in the Lead Card as a separate item (including the timestamp on hover)
  • Lead Owner can now be selected in the custom column drop-down in the Leads overview.

Lead Ownership

Also, because of this restructuring, we realised we did not need the dropdown to select the owner, so we removed it. The hidden Leads has now been moved to the Display filter.

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