2021 Feb 18 – Product Update

In the first weeks of this year (2021) we worked and improved many different aspects of our platform.

User Interface improvements

For you, the end user, you will most likely notice that we implemented a slight redesign of our application user interface. We hope you enjoy or appreciate (or both).

New Filters

The redesign also included a grouping of filters into 4 categories and an additional 2 new filters:

  1. Channel
    You can use this to filter and segment your leads based on their (original) acquisition channel.
  2. From email (Sender)
    As more and more of our customers discover the power of our individual email tracking through Gmail or Outlook, you can now filter and segment based on the Sender of the email. Note: the sender needs to be a user in LeadBoxer to show up in this list.

Improved ISP filtering

We have  implemented an enhanced ISP filter, meaning we can now filter out the vast majority of ISP’s mobile carriers, CDN’s and hosting providers.

CSV files notifications for Accounts view

You can now set .CSV files as format in your daily or weekly email notifications for Accounts view.

Enhanced firmographic data

As part of the premium plan, you can now get firmographic social profiles, phone numbers and email addresses.

Active Demand integration improvements

We now support enrichment of contacts that came through a webform.
We also offer enhanced firmographic data.

Further updates

  • Custom domain for LeadBoxer User Interface available for agencies/resellers
  • We improved channel logic for better classification
  • Fixed numerous bugs

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