2020-06 Product Update

Google Places Integration

The companies database that LeadBoxer uses for enrichment is large and very accurate. But there are many (smaller) companies out there that are not in the main enrichment databases we use such as Linkedin or any of the other sources we use.

For that reason we now support the Google Places API for improved enrichment of smaller local companies.

Meaning that if you add a Google maps API key, we will use the Google API to enrich your leads with the places company details like address, domain, and phone number.

For detailed instructions see this link: Google Enrichment

Mailchimp Automations

We have added support for Mailchimp Automations campaigns, meaning that if you send out emails through Mailchimp automations (like drip campaigns, auto-follow-ups, etc) we will now grab the behavioral data (email opens, clicks) and add these to LeadBoxer profiles.

Read more from Mailchimp on creating Automations in Mailchimp


Other Updates:

  • Multiple small improvements for the Active Demand integration
  • Squashed a few small bugs in the Pipedrive Leads integration

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