2019 Q2 Development RoadMap


Many of our clients have learned that identification of leads and customers through the use of email tracking, and ability to see the complete buyer journey through both channels is a big insight. Therefore we are diverting developer power into tracking more emails.

During the coming weeks we will be releasing new integrations:

  • Direct MailChimp integration
  • G Suite plugin
  • Office Add-in for Outlook

Direct MailChimp integration

This new integration will allow you to connect LeadBoxer with your data from your MailChimp account. We will automatically pull in all activity of your recipients going forward. Meaning that if any of your emails is being opened or any links are being clicked, we will add this behaviour to LeadBoxer, and merge this with any website behavior or digital touchpoints we track.

You might be thinking, Hey doesn’t LeadBoxer already offer this functionality? Well yes, but with this super easy-to-configure integration we can automate most of the work! All you need to do is add a parameter to the links to your site and we will do all the heavy lifting. Another significant benefit is that by using this kind of integration, we no longer need to pass personal information such as email address or name through the URL. This will all be done in the background.

Would you like to be the first to try this out, read the MailChimp Integration tutorial


G Suite plugin

We have many customers already using our Chrome Gmail Tracking plugin. However, many business are actually using G Suite and want to take advantages of these features. Within G Suite, IT admins have the ability to manage access and controls of apps from within the G Suite Marketplaceā€”such as whitelisting app access for users, or installing an app for an entire domain.

This new release will be available only in the G Suite Marketplace and will be quite similar to the current functionality. Going forward, we will be adding more options and features regularly.


Office Add-in for Outlook

While our current Outlook email tracking plugin is a huge success, we get many request to support more versions of Outlook, like Outlook 365 Online and Outlook for Mac. Similar to the G Suite plugin, official office add-ins are much easier to install and have all the corporate functionality that you can expect from an official add-in.

This new release will be available only in the Microsoft ApSource Marketplace. The first release will be quite similar to the current functionality, after that we will be adding more options and features regularly.

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