2019-04 Product Update

Segments are the new Smartlists

We have renamed the smartlist functionally as Segments. When we introduced this feature, we wanted to highlight how smart the technology is, similar to iTunes dynamically generated playlists (Smart Playlists). Industry Standard, however, has dubbed this technology as Segments (as it’s a segment of your data). Conclusion: we realized segments is an easier concept to grasp (and explain).

Definition of a Segment:  a saved sub-set of your data that automatically adds and removes leads and users based on pre-defined filters.

Segment Overview Update

  • For Admins, the overview now shows all segments created and who owns or created it
  • Shared Segments can no longer be deleted by other users, only by the owner/creator
  • The format and the interval of the notification is now visible


Other updates

  • Form tracking; we now also track forms that use the name element rather than the ID element
  • We fixed a bug on the payments page where some people were not able to subscribe

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