2019-09 Product Update

Pipedrive improvements

At LeadBoxer, Pipedrive is our CRM of choice. Therefore, we’ve rebuilt the integration so that we can make even more efficient use of the combined technology.

The most important change we made is that we now push all behaviour into Pipedrive as activities, rather than simply adding notes. This is important because it will allow you to create tasks using the Pipedrive workflow automation feature.

So when you (re)activate the integration, we now create 3 new activity types:

  • email open,
  • email click
  • website visit

And for each of the leads identified within LeadBoxer, we will automatically create these activities and link them to the relevant deal/ person and organisation.

Secondly, we now update the profile of a person with their last activity date/time AND their most recent Leadscore.

How do you like them apples?  

See our integration here in the Pipedrive marketplace


Other updates

  • Mailchimp data is now synced two times per day, (4AM and 4PM CET)
  • We fixed a bug that prevented passwords from being created/reset in Safari browser.

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