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LeadBoxer Updates in July

In our last article we featured some of our favourite product development like the Personal Information Filter and various platform improvements. This month we have some very exciting LeadBoxer updates for everyone. So, let’s not waste anymore time and dive straight into it.

What’s New with LeadBoxer:

New Leadcard – We’ve revamped the Leadcard to bring better user experience. The idea was to fit all of the information we collect into one beautiful snapshot of your visitors’ profile. You can find more information on the Leadcard here.

Redesigned E-mail Notifications – We added the option to send smartlist notification to your e-mail as HTML opposed to CSV. This makes it easy to look at the leads from the smartlist without opening your spreadsheet application.

Improved Daily/Weekly Alerts – We also had the daily/weekly e-mail completely rebuilt! This makes all of your weekly/daily leads clickable which directly sends you to their specific Leadcard (without having to log-in and look for them yourself or to open the CSV spreadsheet). We hope that this change will improve the user experience and save some valuable time.

Other New Features and Improvements

Here is a list of some other cool updates we made in July:

  • We added a link to reset password in profile page (no need to leave your account to do it).
  • We added a new page with all your invoices. The link to this page can be found on the payment page
  • We added the option to set or change the timezone for each of your datasets. This setting can be found on your profile page.
  • We now remember your latest ordering settings of leads (leadscore or last event) so when you come back it’s set to what you had before.
  • We now also consider the order of leads when creating and updating the smartlist.
  • When you select a smartlist from the drop-down menu, we now expand and show the specific property settings for this smartlist.
  • We made the share and assign buttons more prominent on the lead details section so that people can find them easier.

Thank you for sticking with us so far! We will see you again next month.

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