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7 marketers to follow who will help you grow your business

Finding good marketing advice online can be a tricky task. There is a lot of advice out there, making it hard to decide which advice is quality and which isn’t worth your time. To help you on your quest to find good online marketing advice, we’ve decided to share 7 marketers to follow who will help you grow your business.

The 7 marketers that we suggest you follow articulately and concisely share thoughts and marketing tactics that will help you unlock new business growth opportunities. You’ve likely heard of one or two of them before, but we’re sure you’ll learn about some new great marketing professionals in this post.

Here are the marketers you should follow:


1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the founder of some well-known companies, such as: Hello Bar, Kissmetrics, and Crazy Egg. He has an impressive client list that includes companies such as: GM, Amazon, NBC, Viacom, and HP. By following him, you will expand your knowledge on web analytics, marketing and conversion tracking/optimization, and more.

The best ways to follow him are:

One notable quote from Patel is, “Don’t expect things to be handed to you or for doors to open up when you want them to. You have to be a go-getter and if you aren’t one, you better learn how to become one.”

2. Melissa Mackey

Melissa has been a marketer since 1988, and a pay per click (PPC) marketer since 2002. She has a vast amount of proven online marketing knowledge, which makes her wisdom extra valuable. Right now, she is the Search Supervisor at the largest B2B agency in the world, gyro. Her specialty is helping clients achieve maximum ROI from their paid search marketing efforts.

The best way to follow her are:

One notable quote from Mackey is, “I do this as well — at a minimum, I’ll visit competitor landing pages and take screen shots to share with our clients. Often, we get ideas from competitor landing pages — or at least we learn what not to do.”

3. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He has an impressive range of knowledge that both beginners and advanced marketers can learn from.

His entire job is now helping marketers understand data and analytics. He does this as Google’s digital marketing evangelist and also the cofounder of Market Motive. Additionally, he has authored to bestselling books titled, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.

Most of Avinash’s tips and knowledge can be read on his blog, Occam’s Razor.

One notable quote from Kaushik is, “Data is important. I believe it can help drive your business strategy smartly. But, a data-first strategy, defined as above, is nuts. It will only slow down your progress and allow your competitors to crush you like a bug (even if you are a top player in your market today.) You should reject data-first. You should accept data-with strategies.”

4, Ian Cleary

Ian founded RazorSocial, a company that provides online content marketing and social media training. His training helps companies achieve phenomenal social media results using a variety of tactics, tools, and technologies.

Not only does Ian have great online training tools available, but he is also a regular conference speaker. He can be found at conferences around the world, included Content Marketing World and Social Media Marketing World. He’s become a global force and influencer in the social media marketing space.

The best way to follow him are:

  • RazorSocial blog
  • Contributor to Entrepreneur
  • Contributor to Social Media Examiner

One notable quote from Cleary is, “Influence is the new online currency. You build influence in your niche and you generate more money. It takes time to build influence, but it’s worth it.”

5. Sujan Patel

Sunjan is Neil Patel’s cousin. He apparently loves unusually long work weeks (80 hours per week!) and is known for being a true work horse.

He is the cofounder of a growth marketing agency called Web Profits. Web Projects helps clients increase brand awareness and get new customers. Additionally, he has a stake in a handful of other marketing and technology companies, including: Mailshake, ContentMarketer.ioVoila Norbert and Narrow.

Patel has over a decade of online marketing experience, allowing him to rack up an impressive portfolio of clients. He’s worked with companies including: Sales Force, TurboTax, Intuit, and Sony. He has also written a book called, “100 Days of Growth,” that has sold over 35,000 copies.

The best way to follow him are:

One notable quote from Patel is, “Successful companies aren’t the ones with the infrastructure and campaigns to quickly attract lots of new customers (even though, on the surface, they might seem enviable). Instead, it’s the companies that are able to keep those customers, long-term, that eventually win.”

6. Heidi Cohen

Heidi is the Chief Content Officer of Actionable Marketing Guide. She says that her mission is to make complex marketing concepts more simple and to help identify how marketing challenges are constantly changing. At her consulting company, Riverside Marketing Strategies, she helps turn her clients’ marketing challenges into unique marketing opportunities.

She is a marketer worth following because she not only has years of expertise, but has also taught marketing at the graduate level and a handful of universities. Additionally, she is a popular conference speaker who speaks at conferences around the United States, South America, and Europe.

The best way to follow her is:

One notable quote from Cohen is, “Use your video content as audio content. It already exists. Strip the audio out of your existing video. Voila, new enhanced content marketing. This is an easy way to extend the lifetime value of your existing content. It avoids the problem of once and done content.”

7. Andy Crestodina

Andy is a web strategist who believes in “doing great work for people you love.” He is an experienced marketer and web designer who has been in the industry since January of 2000. He is a fierce advocate of ethical digital and content marketing.

Crestodina is also the founder of Orbit Media and Chicago’s largest content marketing conference, Content Jam. Additionally, he wrote a book called Content Chemistry (which is currently in its third edition).

The best way to follow him is:

One notable quote from Crestodina is, “To be successful, websites must do two things: 1. Attract visitors, and 2. Convert those visitors into leads and customers. In order to do this, Web marketers must do two things: 1. Create content and 2. Promote it. Content makes the difference between success and failure on the web.”

What happens after you put the tips from these marketers to use?

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(Source of notable quotes and influencer suggestions: Entrepreneur)