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The most important Google Analytics metrics for SaaS companies

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for SaaS companies. It allows you to understand various metrics, beyond just the typical number of orders, conversion, revenue, and similar. You would want to focus on metrics beyond simple sales and revenue numbers in Google Analytics because other metrics give you the opportunity to seek out revenue growth opportunities.

For SaaS companies, there are three metrics in Google Analytics that you should be paying attention to. All three of these metrics will help you understand customer and website visitor engagement. When you understand key engagement metrics, you will find ways to keep people on your site longer and successfully push them towards your sales funnel.

These are the three most important metrics for SaaS companies:

Pages Per Session

Tracking the pages per session is extremely important. This is the average amount of pages that a person looks at on each visit to your website. The more pages that your visitors view per session, the more engaged they are with your website and content.

To improve the amount of pages that a person visits, you can include smart and strategic links on your site. Additionally, make your pages engaging, informative, and well-designed. Make the most important information immediately visible, so that users are instantly comfortable and feel like your page may be a right fit for what they were looking for.

Events by Session

It’s not uncommon for SaaS websites to have only a handful of pages. Because of this, examining the amount of events that happen on each website session can be a really smart idea. You’ll have to add events to your pages, but you can do things such as track if people are clicking to search, clicking a submit button, click photos, and more.

If you would like to set up events on your pages, it’s fortunately not very difficult. You don’t need coding skills and can implement event tracking speedily. Click here to learn how to add Google Analytics events tracking to your pages.

Average Session Duration

Tracking the average duration of a session is a great way to understand how effective your webpages are. The longer that a person stays on your website, the more likely it is that they’re liking what they’re seeing and staying engaged with your content.

The longer that people spend on your website during a visit, the more value they’re getting out of what you offer. Think of your own Internet browsing habits in regards to this. When you’re on a website that you don’t like, you probably just go to one or two pages. When you like a website a lot, you end up visiting dozens of pages. When you’ve interacted with dozens of web pages on a site, you’ve perhaps ended up coming back to that website multiple times.

To improve the average amount of time that people spend on your website, you should make sure you have informative content (don’t have too much marketing fluff!), strong images, and clearly explain how your product can help.

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