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2021 November – Product Update

Update notes for the latest changes and improvements:

More Dashboard improvements

Visualize your Segments on your dashboard

You can now select any of your Segments in the dashboard and the graphs and chart will visualize this subset of your data.

Dashboard Segment

Slice and drill-down to accounts view

You added the option to ‘slice’ the data on our dashboard, by clicking on any of the donut chart pieces.

We also added a the option to drill down directly to the accounts view.slice dashboard

Once sliced you can see these labels

sliced data
  • Minor improvements on the dashboard:
    • added Loading message
    • added spinner icon during loading
    • made the slicing labels pretty
    • improved the header-bar for better screen usage
    • improved the styles for top organization widget

Further updates

  • Ordered the Segment list alphabetically so its easy to find the Segment you are interested in
  • Fixed minor bugs