2020-03 Product Update

Active Demand Integration

We have built a native integration with marketing automation platform Active Demand

You can use this integration to:

  • Identify companies and individuals visiting your website
  • Automatically add these to your Active Demand organisation list
  • Enrich existing contacts from your database with firmographic information when they visit your site
  • Enrich existing contacts with firmographic information when they open your emails 

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New email notifications for Accounts view

You can now select ‘account’ in your segment notifications view and you will receive our new and completely redesigned notification emails. Data is grouped per account (company name) and shows many more details.

    Dutch Chamber of Commerce update (KvK)

    • Implemented direct connection with Dutch Chamber-of-Commerce
    • Data is now continuously updated
    • Matched the Dutch Chamber-of-Commerce (kvk) industry codes to LinkedIn industries for better filtering
    • Improved matching on domain name, existing trade name, etc



    Additional updates

    • We now sort datasets alphabetically on the dataset page and in the datasets dropdown menu
    • When changing a segment from ‘leads’ to ‘accounts’ view, the format is now properly updated
    • Increased the limit on accounts view download to 2500
    • Fixed a bug where we were showing all columns when downloading
    • Made the industry groups readable
    • We now store all industries in English
    • Removed URL’s for email open events (preventing confusion)
    • Updated the segment overview page to show if the view is for Leads or for accounts

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