What is a landing page

What is a landing page?

If you’re new to online marketing, you may often see the term landing page floating around. With this term commonly used, under the assumption that everybody knows what it means, it’s easy to get confused.

In this post, we are going to answer your question “what is a landing page?” so that you can become an even better digital marketer.

Let’s get started…

The most simple way to think about a landing page is to think about it as a page that your website visitors land on.

For sales and marketing, we think of it in a more refined way that just a page that your website visitor lands on. We think of it as a page where your visitor is being directed towards doing an activity that helps a business grow.

To help a landing page stay focused on user goals that grow a business, the page will often lack a global navigation and be somewhat disconnected from the primary website. This is done because when you limit the ways for a user to leave your website, it best steers them towards your conversion goal.


The two types of landing pages.

There are two types of landing pages: lead generation landing pages and click through landing pages.

A lead generation landing page is used to capture user data. The data that is typically captured on a lead generation landing page is email address and name. This type of page collects information such as name and email address because it’s meant to initiate a connect between a company and prospective customer or user.

Some of the ways the tactics that companies typically use on a lead generation landing to capture website visitor data include:

  • Offering an ebook or white paper.
  • Creating a webinar series.
  • Giving free trials/consultations of professional services.
  • -weight: 400;”>Offering discounts in return for user data.
  • Early access to a future product launch.

The other type of landing page is a click through landing page. The goal of a click through landing page is to convince a page visitor to click through to another landing page. Often, this means convincing a person to purchase a product or register for a website or service.

Creating high converting landing pages.

Creating good landing pages can be pretty tricky. Since great landing pages can be so vital, we spent some time showing you how to create high converting landing pages in another blog post of ours. If you’d like to learn how to create high converting landing pages, click here.