ead Management Software Award

LeadBoxer Wins the 2017 Lead Management Software Award

At LeadBoxer we have always let our customers’ needs determine product development. Our lead identification platform has improved dramatically in recent years, and our efforts were confirmed when FinancesOnline, a popular software review platform, distinguished us  with the Lead Management Software Award for both creating efficient sales opportunities, and for our lead generation capabilities.

The platform’s review team prepared a thorough examination of our software and concluded that LeadBoxer meets all of their quality criteria to be recommended both to SME’s and Enterprises.

Their experts prepared a detailed LeadBoxer review, and made a unique correlation between our system’s main functions and more beneficial business processes. The highlight of being featured on this software review platform was receiving two of their most prominent awards, namely the Great User Experience Award and the 2017 Rising Star Award for their lead management software category. We couldn’t be prouder to receive these prestigious recognitions, keeping in mind that both are exclusively reserved for user-friendly and fast-developing applications.

What did FinancesOnline’s experts like the most about LeadBoxer?

According to them, our system enables users to quickly and effectively filter their visitors and streamline the qualification process to work on high value, high quality leads. Basically, they said, LeadBoxer allows businesses to be selective even in a highly-competitive economy, and makes operations effective with unique features such as Smart Lists, Alerts, Auto-Form Tracking, and Identification from anonymous traffic.

Another interesting aspect that readers will learn from the review is that LeadBoxer was praised for being very intuitive to use, alongside the ability to integrate into every ecosystem. These possibilities, combined with automated lead collection, scoring, and qualifying make LeadBoxer a recommended sales automation product, and one of FinancesOnline’s favourite suggestions for saving time and adding value to your business operations.