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Definition: Lead Enrichment

The term lead enrichment is important to know when you’re trying to understand lead generation. When you know the definition of lead enrichment, you have a much more firm grasp on a core concept of sales and lead generation.

What is lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment is when you add actionable intelligence to your sales leads. This means that instead of just seeing an email address, for example, you have a way to add phone number, company details, and more to a lead.

Why is lead enrichment important?

Lead enrichment makes sales easier because when you have more information on a potential customer it becomes easier to know what influences their buying decisions.

This information can be thought of as sales intelligence. When you have enriched leads, you can make smart choices as to how to approach and interact a lead. When you can have a more personable interaction with a lead, you close more deals.

How to enrich your leads better?

A tool like LeadBoxer makes lead enrichment much easier because it has the ability to automatically work with all website forms, give you more information about your web-traffic, and capture lead information on your website.

Tools, such as LeadBoxer, help enrich leads by giving you a lead score, information about the company from a LinkedIn profile, and an understanding of what pages a lead is browsing the most. A great lead enrichment solution will include information such as lead’s career history, how the person is interacting with your product or website, and much more.

The type of lead enrichment tool that we have described above will ideally do the following to the form lengths on your website:

Lead Enrichment

This will make your potential clients more eager to subscribe and fill in your forms without sacrificing important information as everything else will be captured with our cutting-edge technology.

If you want to jump-start your lead enrichment, we suggest creating a free LeadBoxer account. Click here to create an account.