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How to Make Better Sales Calls

After you’ve collected a lead, your next task is to convert that lead into an actual sale. But what can you do so all of your sales calls are successful? The process of converting a lead to a sale can often be somewhat tricky however, there are plenty of scientifically proven techniques that you can use to close even more deals. We’ve outlined how to make better sales calls, based on the findings of a behavior research lab. Are you using any of these tactics to convert leads? If not, we know that you’ll enjoy the results you see when you try even just one of the tactics we are going to share.

Start Your Sales Calls With Something Positive

If you start your calls with something positive, a happy hook, you’ll get the attention of the listener. One comment, whether it be a pleasant comment, compliment, or interesting business fact can go a long way. This tactic is simple, yet impactful, because it sets a friendly tone. Think about any meeting you’ve had that began by talking about terrible traffic or bad weather; they probably ended up be boring and unenjoyable. Unpleasant comments are a sales repellent, while positive comments are delightful. Start a sales conversation off by talking about fun weekend plans, fantastic weather, or something similar. Get your sales call off on a positive note and you’ll close more deals, faster.

Stand up While You’re on the Phone

This is an interesting sales tactic because when you’re standing up during a call, the person you’re talking to won’t know it. However, when you’re standing up, it is a lot easier for your excitement about what you’re selling to come through during the call. When you’re standing up, you’ll be able to speaking more loudly and more proudly about your product. Your passion will be much more apparent.

Stay in Control by Setting an Agenda

Instead of winging it during a call, setting an agenda can be valuable. When you set an agenda, you should also share it with your sales prospect and ask them if the agenda sounds good to them. By doing this, you get the approval of the prospect and make them feel more in control of the situation, while also letting them clearly know what to anticipate during the call. When your sales prospect feels in control and knows what to expect, they’ll have better recollection of your conversation.

Don’t Say Bad Things About Your Competition

Not making negative comments about competitors may feel counter-intuitive, since you’re trying to convince somebody that you’re the best. However, negative comments can leave a negative recollection of your conversation with a sales prospect and ultimately do more harm than good. Talk about the reasons why you’re the best, not why somebody else is worse. There is research on this notion that talks about a psychological phenomenon called spontaneous trait reference. Research around this phenomenon has shown that when you say something negative about another person or company, the person that you’re talking to will associate those negative traits with you too. If you say that your competitor is untrustworthy and expensive, the potential customer is going to associate those traits with you, even if they know that those traits don’t apply to you.

Combining These Tips to Increase Sales

The tips we have just outlined are how you make better sales calls. When you combine these suggestions, there is no reason why you can’t close more deals, especially when you focus on ways to be positive on your calls. In addition to being positive, make sure your passion for your product is showing and your agenda is clear and agreed upon.