Region filters and other improvements

New: We added region filters to the country & region section, allowing you to select whole regions like EMEA, Europe, AMER and APAC

Other Improvements & fixes

  • When you use the LinkedIn social login, we will now show the pictures of the person
  • When a ‘company’ value is provided by the customer, this will be show in place of the most likely company that LeadBoxer had identified.
  • All images are now loaded over secure (https) connections, making the app fully secured.
  • We changed the name of the CSV export when downloading, to include the name of the dataset.
  • We removed the ‘lists’ icon from the top navigation as this functionality can now be done using tags and filters
  • You can now export up to 2500 leads using the CSV download (up from 1000)
  • We replaced phone column on the full leadboard with country
  • The leadcard (when shared) has been redesigned to match the new look and feel
  • We fixed a bug that prevented saving smartlists in some specific cases.

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