October 2018 Update

Cross device tracking

We have updated the lead pixel (tracking javascript) so that you can now set the user-ID through url value. This is usefull if you would like to create a closed system in where you want to make sure that all events (even on different devices or platforms are grouped under one single profile)

In short If the lb_uid parameter is set in a landing url, we are updating cookie to use its value as user_id.

For more details read more about our cross device tracking solution


Improvements & fixes

  • Added a date-range selector in mobile view
  • Replaced Intercom chat with Helpscout beacon
  • Invite user email is now sent with LeadBoxer’s ‘from’ name & email address
  • increased consistency in companyName parameter
  • When selecting PDF in notification settings, hide the B2b/B2C selector
  • In downloaded CSV’s we renamed company as companyName (also merge based on value present in both fields)
  • We now hide B2B/B2C selection when PDF or HTML is selected
  • We now hide original_channel in lead properties
  • Dutch KvK matching improvements

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