display filter

New Filter: Display Companies, Persons & Unidentified

Introducing the Display Filter

We’re happy to announce that today we have implemented the next step in our evolution from a lead generation solution towards what we call a Lead & Customer Data Platform. Read more about CDP’s here:  Customer Data Platforms

As of now, we have introduced a new filter called Display. This filter allows you to easily segment (filter on or hide) Companies, Persons and Unidentified leads.

Important change:
By default we now are no longer showing the Unidentified Visitors when you login. If you want to see the Unidentified, you need to enable this via the Display filter

Next steps / vision

As many of you know, most purchasing decisions in the B2B world are made by a decision making or Demand Unit.
Our vision is to enable our customers to get detailed insights into these units and provide ways to score, filter, and segment these units so that Sales and Marketing teams can get the insights needed to close these deals.

This is the first step towards this vision. Following steps include: a) Automatically group multiple persons to one company and b) Create an overall Company leadscore

All existing smartlists (segments) have been updated to reflect this new filter, please let us know if anything seems incorrect or illogical.

Additional updates

  • We added the utm_term value in the lead details
  • We included the option to ‘add comment’ when assigning a lead