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New Features and Improvements

Unidentified Companies Filter

We’re pleased to announce the release of some much-requested new features and improvements.

A button that filters out all the unidentified companies, giving a cleaner, more useful leadboard. Especially useful when sorted by ‘last event’.


Download improvements

We also released the first step of a major overhaul of the Download functionality to streamline it into a more useful document. The goal is to eliminate noise.

This week:

  1. many irrelevant columns were removed
  2. column headers were re-named to plain english
  3. the column ordering was re-designed to be more logical


Auto-exclude tag

This new setting allows you to automatically exclude or hide all leads that have a specific tag

How to use:  if you want to exclude leads that have visited specific pages on your website, accomplish this by adding a unique tag to these leads with a small javascript snippet.

see full instructions on how to auto exclude unqualified leads

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where new lists would not show up when created from within the action window,
  • Fixed a link to the LinkedIn company page from an expanded lead in the leadboard

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