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LeadScore Improvement & new resources

Pre-defined leadscore settings based on roles

We have added the option to select a pre-defined leadscore settings on the leadscore setting page.
This leadscore improvement enables you to change the leadscore setting so it best fits your personal need.

We created leadscore settings for these 3 roles:

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • SDR (Sales development Rep)

For sales managers we put the emphasis on personal information, for Marketing managers the emphasis is on behaviour, and for SDR’s its about freshness and company data.


We advise to use these as a starting point and improve/adjust the setting based on your own preference

New Blog post

Our Sales Manger Sander wrote a blog post on how to follow up on a lead, read it here:
How to follow up on leads

New video added

Since a couple of weeks we have been putting effort in making it easier for LeadBoxer (trial) users to start using the product. One of the results is this introduction video

To test our new platform, click here.

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