LeadBoxer October Update

Whats new in October?

Easy date-range selection with new calendar

We are happy to announce we have added a very easy to use new date range selection feature supporting visual calendar to set your preferred range. The selected ranges will also be stored in any smartlist you create.


Toggle and switch between Title/URL in clickstreams

You can now switch between either displaying the title or the URL’s in the click streams of your leads in the lead details section. This refers to seeing with the website URL of a page, or the Page Title -depending on your preference.


Segmentation with  ‘Other fields’ filter improvements 

We have added the option to set a negative filter on the items in the ‘other fields’ such as Email, First Name, and Last Name. This allows you to filter out any leads or customers with any of these fields populated. For example, perhaps you want to segment or filter out known clients.


WOWSER – Company matching algorithm improvements

We wrote a new and improved algorithm that increased our automatic matching to company profiles by 20%!
Meaning you will see more company information for the companies we identify.


Last but NOT least:
Bug fixes – smaller improvements

  • Implemented sticky ordering when switching datasets
  • We made HTML format the default when creating a smartlist notification
  • Fixed multiple dataset and user management issues

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