June 2018 Updates

Improved company enrichment matching

We now match both LinkedIn and Chamber of commerce data also on manually added companies. This works for both changing the company name in the User interface or for company data that is captured through forms and email tracking.


Lead pixel (tracking script) improvements

We are now geo load-balancing the serving of our tracing script from 4 locations worldwide, making sure we offer the fastest load-times possible.


New Native integration

We have developed a native integration with a Dutch Lead Management System called LEF, which is designed for the automotive industry.


Other fixes / updates

  • New Lead-details email design, we have spend some time to make the shared and assigned leads look good in most mail clients.
  • We fixed broken links on the Smart-list overview.
  • Improved behaviour of filters and smart-list saving. Editing existing smart-list should now be less confusing.

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