January Product Updates

App Updates

  • Tracked events/pageviews that contain the parameter utm_medium=email will now register as email click in the clickstream
  • LinkedIn target role setting now located on the settings page
  • Timezone setting now located on the settings page
  • We fixed a bug causing orphaned users to not show up in the users settings
  • An Empty ‘hidden leads’ list now shows an empty list, instead of just all leads
  • You can now also switch URL/title in the Leadcard
  • We now hide the ‘save’ and  ‘apply’ buttons for filters when there is no filter being used/set
  • To reduce confusion, we no longer change Save to Edit when a Smartlist/Segment has been used
  • We fixed a bug in Safari whereby zooming out would cause the filters to disappear
  • We increased the number of characters you can use to name your smartlist/segment to 200


Technical updates

  • Realised API speed improvements by upgrading underlying technology stack to latest versions
  • Added queuing mechanism to ensure the recording of data continues even if the storage cluster goes down
  • The LeadCard is now also available without API key for sharing to external parties
  • Enabled G-zip compression for the leadPixel tracking Javascript


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