Filter by URL, Labels & Date-range selection

Filter by URL
We added the much requested feature: filter visitors by URLs. This is a very powerful new feature, enabling you to filter leads based on specific pages they have visited. For example: You would like to know which leads or prospects looked at the pricing pages? Now you can find that out with a few clicks!

Add tags to a lead, and filter on tags
A second major feature is the option to tag your leads from within the user interface. This can be used to add labels to your leads. for example: customer, competitor, partner, prospect, etc You can now also filter (include & exclude) these leads based on their tags with the Lead Tag filter. This is useful if you for example want remove all current customers from your selection, Simply add a filter to your smartest that excludes the tag that contains ‘customer’

Date range selection
We added the option to select a specific period to the ‘last seen’ filter. This useful if you want to investigate a campaign or date-range.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Lead tags UI enhancements including enter to save lead tags
  • Added Date to the timestamp – in clickstreams
  • Implemented a value based company size filter
  • We added an auto-suggest filter for industries based on the actual data
  • Implemented on boarding and LeadPixel install instruction if no pixel is installed
  • Renamed ‘Industry Focus’ filter to just ‘Industry’

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