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Download Improvements & New Website & Inspiration

In this update, we have for you some download improvements, a revamped website, and some small bug fixes.

Download improvements

  1. We have added a new column that has a direct link to the lead card. This is static link to a page with the full profile of the lead, included the clickstream or behaviour or customer journey for the last 5 sessions. It similar to the information you receive when you share via email.
  2. We grouped all the specialties together into one new column, so that they will not clutter our overview.

New Website

You may have noticed already, we have relaunched our new website this week. A more ‘business’ look that is lighter and more colourful. We will be adding more pages every week to convince more people to try and use LeadBoxer.

Inspirational update

We also have added a small update to make LeaBoxer more fun and perhaps also a bit inspiring, can you find it?

Let us know if you like it or if you have other wisdom you want to share.

Bugs fixes
  • We fixed an issue where our auto-form-tracking feature didn’t work properly in Microsoft IE and Edge browsers.
  • Fixed documentation to reference the dataset ID in the javascript examples. not account ID.

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