Auto-suggest for lead tags & UK chamber of commerce data

We have updated LeadBoxer with following improvements:

  • Updated the leadscore settings page so that now you can add multiple company sizes.
  • Added auto-suggest for lead tags. It will remember your previous choices and provide them to you in a dropdown.
  • Added the Option to choose the delimiter in download dialog. This makes it easy to open your downloads when your computer is set to an European language.
  • Added Website and UK chamber of commerce data in lead details
  • When custom data is available, we now automatically ‘open’ the lead properties
  • Enhancement in Save Smartlist Dialog
    • Logged in user will be selected by default
    • When you save a smartlist, and none of the users are selected, we now show relevant error message in dialog
  • Implemented a fall-back mechanism for Smartlist notifications: if a smartlist has no recipient, we send the notification to creator of the smartlist

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