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August 2018 updates

Channel property grouping

We now categorise each new lead and customer into channel groupings, meaning you can see how see how each lead or customer originally arrived or was referred to your site (Original Channel), and in their last session/visit (last Channel).

Channel groups are defined with the following rules:

  • Organic: referrer contains google|yahoo|bing|etc
  • Social: referrer contains twitter|facebook|linkedin|etc
  • Referral: referrer exists and not equal to ‘organic’ or ‘social’
  • Email: utm_medium = ’email’
  • Paid: utm_medium matches regex ^(cpc|ppc|paidsearch)$
  • Direct: utm_source = ‘direct’ orĀ utm_medium = unknown
  • Other: everything else

In our next Sprint we will add these to the filter options so you can create segments/filters based on channel.


Send test email notifications

One functionality our customers asked for was the ability to test the emails that will be sent out automatically on a daily or weekly basis. This can now be accomplished from the smartlist / segment edit window.

Other Updates

  • We have configured the Daily / Weekly notifications to continue as per usual after a trial has expired, however the data is limited to 3 results.
  • Added another node to our script serving cloud, to improve response times on the US East Coast
  • Mapped additional Form properties to specific LeadBoxer values

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